01. On March 12th, 1930, Mahatma Gandhi began a 300-mile journey to protest against a British law establishing a [monopoly] in producing salt in India.
02. No culture has a [monopoly] on morality or justice. There are stupid, lying people everywhere.
03. The student government at my university was [monopolized] by students from the political science department.
04. Microsoft Corp. has been accused of violating laws against forming a [monopoly].
05. John Rockefeller was 19 years old when he started out in the oil business; by the age of 40 he had built a [monopoly] and controlled 90 percent of the world's refining.
06. Rick always [monopolizes] the discussions at our meetings. He doesn't give anyone else a chance to speak, and it's really starting to bug me.
07. If the government allows the two companies to merge, the new corporation will have a total [monopoly] on providing cable television service in our area.
08. The government has a [monopoly] on car insurance in our province, so they can set the rates at whatever level they want.
09. The Russian government moved to end the state's [monopoly] on land ownership and began to divide the land among the people who had farmed it under the old one-owner system.
10. Sun Microsystems filed a suit against Microsoft, suggesting that the software giant might use its Windows [monopoly] to dominate the emerging market of Web services.
11. According to a recent report, the Russian government does not intend to end the export [monopoly] of the oil giant Gazprom, claiming that it is allowed by WTO rules.
12. The company is trying to gain a [monopoly] on air travel in this country by simply buying its main competitors.
13. A recent report suggests that television reporters [monopolize] election news coverage, often getting seven times as much speaking time as presidential candidates in election news stories.
14. Two players [monopolized] the awards night, winning eight of the ten trophies.
15. After the European colonial powers founded their empires, they tried to [monopolize] trade with the colonies and to turn it to their own profit.
16. It is not necessarily illegal for a company to have a [monopoly] or to try to achieve a [monopoly] position; it is only illegal if the company tries to maintain or acquire a [monopoly] position through unreasonable methods.
17. Greg! Don't [monopolize] the television remote. Let your sister use it too.
18. Henrik Ibsen once wrote, "I'm plotting revolution against this lie that the majority has a [monopoly] of the truth."
19. Ralph Waldo Emerson once noted that the learned and the studious of thought have no [monopoly] of wisdom.
20. Alistair Cooke once observed that between a quarter and a third of the Los Angeles land area is now [monopolized] by the automobile and its needs - by freeways, highways, garages, gas stations, car lots, parking lots.
21. Max Weber defined the state as an association that successfully claims a [monopoly] on the legitimate use of force within a given territory.
22. In China it is difficult to fight smoking because the tobacco industry is a national [monopoly], and therefore the government has a vested interest in the industry.
23. He was the most famous person at the party, but because he [monopolized] the conversation, people soon got tired of listening to him.

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